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Hi I’m Ini (they/them) and I will be posting my art here! Thanks for dropping by. | Contact >


Inosuke drawing I did for a zine last year that I can finally post :'D

Kaeya drawing that I may or may not finish as;lkfj

Hello hello!! this is my contest entry for Clip Studio's GalaxysCutest! I'm a bit eehh on the final results, but I'm glad I finished this anyways ;o;

messing around with procreates new update featuring zagreus!

coloring practice featuring amakusa from fate~

An Anonymous user asked:

Your art is totally awesome! As someone just getting into art, what gets you motivated?

Hi!! Thank you so much for your kind message!!

With art, it can be hard to stay motivated, but I also want to do this as a job so I can't always necessarily rely on motivation especially if its more than a hobby!

But to try and answer your question more specifically, I really enjoy watching time lapse drawings on youtube :) I like seeing how other artists create their pieces and their techniques, so it'll tend to inspire and motivate me to work on something new. I also like looking at concept art for movies and TV shows!

Redrew a screenshot from Fate/Zero to test out some new brushes!

some colored sketch commissions i did this past week! i'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

drew belial from gbf ;v; still upset he never came home during his summoning campaign, so maybe i'll buy granblue versus just for his dlc a;slkjf

hope you guys like it!

Drawing of my friend's twst oc, Nabi!!! I tried to draw him in the style of the game / yana toboso, though sadly he ended up just looking like ace lmao

Hastily drawn doodle in honor of the 10th anniversary of fate/extra! I love Hakuno.....

I love Miruko!! I had fun drawing her though I have mixed feelings with how this turned out hhhhh

Kiss Kiss Fall In Love 🥺

I've been practicing more group pictures + environments!! This took me like 2 weeks and im glad I didn't give up on it ;aslkdfj;ls

a ramen rendezvous...... drawing i did of my friends and i's ocs!

drew my friends OC for her birthday~ his name is ryu!

inuyasha sequel got announced so my brain has just. left the building. im so excited to see these disaster cousins T_T

trying out my new posca pens so..... i drew kureno!!! i've been wanting to see him animated since the fruits basket reboot was announced T_T !! hope you like my birb boy.......

It was my friends birthday the other day and persona is one of our favorite series so... I drew us p5 style!! I drew some chat icons too! (under the cut)

Hope you guys like it!

Persona 3 Fanart I drew the other day...... I miss them....

i have artblock rn so i'm trying to work through it..... anyways this is mammon from obey me! i started playing it recently and i love the art for it!

Art trade with a friend on twitter! They wanted me to draw Jalter from FGO, so I drew some visual kei inspired outfit for her.

more coloring practice featuring my girl usa ;o;